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Easy Liquid Filling Machine/Model M1502K-1800CCS 【Details】
Model Number M1502K-1800CCS Price
簡易液体充填機M1502K-1800CCS Can fill sticky liquids such as honey and granule liquid.
Available for not only a small amount, but also mass production of liquids.
Easy Liquid Filling Machine
Model M1502K-1800CCS
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●High accuracy, that is, scale is not needed anymore.
●The amount can be set with a counter easily.
・Just set the rotation from 1 to 999
・Can replace discharge outlet right away depending on bottles and bags
・Can adjust the speed anytime depending on the liquid

●Fill different types of liquids easily by replacing tubes and nozzles.
・Available for silicone, which is low price, as the tube

●By using a peristaltic pump, you can clean without any difficulty.
・If you prepare some tubes for one Easy Liquid Filling Machine, you can fill different types of liquids
・Liquid transfer hose is wrapped in double thickness (inner layer of fluorine) and you can clean and sterilize it easily
・Just clean the peristaltic pump with hot water at break time
・After break time and work, with a manual button, by using reverse function or removing the pump from filling liquids, you can fill the liquids without waste

Model M1502K-1800CCS
Capacity 1800cc/min
(1m of self priming filling machine)
Power 70W/100V
Accuracy ±1% (3.6cc/1pulse)
Size W340×D420×H480mm
Weight 17kg

Handgun/M1502T-HG Foot pedal/M1502T-FST
Bottle filling together Need to operate a switch with foot
while filling plastic bag with both hands
Model Product Name
M1502T-HG Handgun for filling machine (with 1m of a hose)
M1502T-FST Foot pedal for filling machine

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