Easy High-flow Liquid Filling Machine

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Easy High-flow Liquid Filling Machine/Model M1502K-5000CCS Series 【Details】
Model Number M1502K-5000CCS Series Price
●The small filling machine can fill almost any liquid such as sticky and granule liquid.
●Can fill the size of granule liquid up to the inner diameter hose.
●Regardless of high-low liquid, the accuracy is ±1%.
●Fills different types of liquids easily by replacing tubes and nozzles.
Easy High-flow Liquid Filling Machine
Model Number M1502K-5000CCS Series
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●The filling amount can be set with a counter easily.
●Can use the size of plastic bottles as filling.
●Uses for filling a large amount of liquid into small amounts each.
●If you prepare some hoses, you can fill different types of liquids.

Model M1502K-5000CCS M1502K-7000CCS
Capacity 5000cc/min
(1m of self priming filling machine)
(1m of self priming filling machine)
Accuracy ±1% or less(8cc/1pulse) ±1% or less (19cc/1pulse)
Power 100W/100V
Size W340×D420×H640mm
Weight 23kg
Setting Counter type, speed control

■Technical drawing

Handgun/M1502T-HG Foot pedal/M1502T-FST
Bottle filling together Need to operate a switch with foot
while filling plastic bag with both hands
Model Product Name
M1502T-HG Handgun for filling machine (with 1m of a hose)
M1502T-FST Foot pedal for filling machine

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