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Easy Liquid Filling Machine/Model M1502P-600CCS 【Details】
Model Number M1502P-600CCS Price
Easy Liquid Filling MachineM1502P-600CCS Easy and accurate self priming filling machine for sticky and granule liquid.
Easy to operate and clean filling machine.
Easy Liquid Filling Machine
Model M1502P-600CCS
Please contact us for prices.
■How to Use
①Insert a plastic bag ②Select the start button ③Seal the plastic bag
(Sealing machine is not included)

Vacuum plastic bag by sticking Only the part of liquid in the plastic bag is filled The plastic bag is already filled and vacuum

Model M1502P-600CCS
Capacity 600cc/min
Power 20W/100V
Size W220×D310×H340mm
Notes DC motor, analog timer
※Do not operate Easy Liquid Filling Machine for 2 hours or more in a row because of simplified filling machine.

●Plastic bags for M1502P-600CCS

Model Capacity cc Lot
M1502P-20CC 20 1000 sheets
M1502P-30CC 30
M1502P-40CC 40
M1502P-60CC 60
M1502P-90CC 90
M1502P-120CC 120
M1502P-180CC 180
M1502P-240CC 240
M1502P-300CC 300
M1502P-360CC 360
※If you fill something in this bag, you also need to purchase a nozzle (M1502P-FTN) for M1502P-600CCS.

Handgun/M1502T-HG Foot pedal/M1502T-FST
Bottle filling together Need to operate a switch with foot
filling plastic bag with both hands
Model Product Name
M1502T-HG Handgun for filling machine (with 1m of a hose)
M1502T-FST Foot pedal for filling machine
M1502P-FTN Nozzle of vacuum plastic bag for stock (dashi)

Freight cost and taxes are not included in the price.

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