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Automatic Jelly Tube Dispenser
Product Code M3060ST-2KN
Product Code M3060ST-2KN Price
ゼリー材料チューブディスペンサーM3060ST-2KN Automatic Jelly Tube Dispenser
Product Code M3060ST-2KN
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An automatic, sensor-activated lubricant dispensing device.
Dispenses lubricating jelly without touching, making it safe and hygienic.
Just attach a commercially available lubricating jelly tube to the specialized cap.
Switch between 3 settings for the discharge amount.

A new type of automated device that facilitates lubricant use during endoscopy procedures.


Allows hygienic use of multi-use lubricating jelly tubes, providing for significant cost savings.

Touch-free operation allows use of lubricating jelly tubes without the worry of cross-contamination.

Prevents wasteful disposal of jelly tubes contaminated with blood or dirt during procedures.
Allows complete use of high-volume lubricating jelly tubes, providing for cost savings.

Allows dispense of lubricating jelly without the help of an assistant.
Improves efficiency by allowing additional lubricant application without the worry of touching the tube with contaminated hands.

●Easy setup
Just attach a commercially available lubricating jelly tube to the specialized cap.

●Easy calibration
Adjust the discharge amount by using a dial with 3 settings.
Helps prevents wasteful use of lubricating jelly.

Can be used immediately after purchase with an easy 4-step process.
①Attach the lubricating jelly tube
to the specialized cap.
②Set the discharge amount
according to the intended use.
③Turn on the switch
(green lamp will light up).
④Place your hand under the spout
to dispense the lubricating jelly.

■Sample Installation
Compact design allows for direct installation on medical devices without taking up space in the examination room.
Attachment on endoscope trolley Precise positioning using 2-axis arm

■Specialized Cap Types
※Cannot be used with aluminum jelly tubes.
Suitable Jelly Tubes
Kaigen Pharma Through Projelly 150g
Olympus Endolubri 150g
Horii Pharmaceutical Tsukeru Jelly 150g
Nichiiko Pharmaceutical Null-Jelly 100g
Fujifilm Medical CaineZero Jelly 30g
AstraZeneca Xylocaine Jelly 30g

Code M3060ST-2KN M3060ST-2KNS
Cap type M18CAP M11CAP
Power supply DC 12V (AC adapter)
Current <300mA
Power consumption <3.6 W
Sensor type Distance sensor
Detection distance 15~70 mm
Working range Temp 0℃~50℃
Humidity <80% (no condensation)
Discharge amount
(3 settings)
High 2.0 ml
Mid 1.2 ml
Low 0.8 ml
Material Body: ABS resin
Plate: PVC
Made in Japan
Dimensions W 145×L 150×H 215 (mm)
Weight 980 g
Included parts Main unit, plate, specialized cap, AC adapter,
arm, brace, stand, tube + nozzle (3 sets)
※Specialized cap used depends on the tip of the jelly tube to be attached.

■Before attaching the specialized cap

Freight cost and taxes are not included in the price.

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