Umbrella Dryer (2WAY compact)

Umbrella Dryer


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Umbrella Dryer (2WAY compact)/Product No. M1199SW-MINI-01A 【詳細表示】
商品番号 M1199SW-MINI-01A 価 格
傘乾燥機(セミダブルコンパクトタイプ)M1199SW-MINI-01A Umbrella Dryer (2WAY compact)
Product No. M1199SW-MINI-01A

■A 2-way compact type that can shake off falling objects such as long umbrellas and folding umbrellas.
It supports entrances with limited installation space while improving cost performance.

■EASY TO USE ! Just move up-and-down the umbrella 3 or 4 times. Rainwater can be removed.

Caution & Notice
- DO NOT put in dry umbrella.
- DO NOT insert too much into the drain.
- DO NOT use for threefold-umbrellas. (In this case, Please use M1199SW-01A)
- Rigid umbrella is recommended. Weak structure umbrellas may break.
- Depending on substance of umbrella, rainwater may not be removed sufficiently, or up-and-down movement in the drain part may not be smooth.
- Term of guarantee is 1 year.

■Lid with usage instructions


Product No. M1199SW-MINI-01A
Body weight 23kg
Tank capacity 3.6 liters × 2
Substance Main body Sutainless
Drain part Special resin
Operation Manual
Dimensions D300×W560×H691.5mm

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