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Tabletop Metal Detector/M1439PT-3025M 【Description】
Product Number M1439PT-3025M Price
Tabletop Metal Detector
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Achieves high precision detection even with a compact tabletop system by use of magnetic field method.
Inspects aluminum packaging and high salt density products with precise magnetic-field detection level.
Inspects stably within 10 seconds after turning the system ON.
Compact, tabletop and secures safety of a measuring object.
Detects foreign substance inside the measuring object immediately by just sliding the object on the stage.
Can be used efficiently in small lot, small volume production site.
Can be used for inspection of foods also.

Just hold & slide a measuring object for inspecting the safety
Metal substrate inside the measuring object is detected by just sliding it on the stage. A magnetic-field sensor under the stage and transit sensor above the stage can detect precise metals when the measuring object pass through the stage, allowing a safety inspection.

Uninfluenced by vibration & noise
Compact tabletop system allows installing in small areas. Sensor are not influenced by vibrations or noises.

Uninfluenced by aluminum foil bale packaging, salt & acid
The measurement results are not influenced by packaging style peculiar to the measuring objects, aluminum foil film packaging articles, or aluminum vapor deposition film packaging articles. The results are not influenced by salt or, acid contained in the product as well.

Uninfluenced by directionality of thin substrates (like needles)
Precise stick-like materials (steels, stainless) contaminated inside the object can be detected regardless of location & direction.

Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use design
Space saving design allows use in anywhere, and low energy consumption. Just turn on the switch and slide the measuring object. Easy and secure for anyone.

Can be used conveniently but properly by slanting the system!

●For small-scale production, small space.
●For inspections in supermarket, grocery stores, wholesales.
●For spot inspection, complimentary of manufacturing.
●For hospitals, cafeterias in schools.
●For laboratories, inspection rooms.
●For quality management sections

■Name of Each Parts

Transmission type beam sensor. The sensor functions when the beam is intercepted by the measuring object.

Product Number M1439PT-3025M
Dimensions 500mm x (depth)365mm x (height)324mm
Weight 14.4kg
Loading Direction Right to Left
Sensitivity Switching 3 steps
Inspection Ability# Fe f2.0、SUS f0.2×5mm
Measurement Range Maximum 200mm
Designed Loading Speed 40cm/sec
Minimum Measurement Interval 1sec approx.
Usage Temperature 0 to 60 degrees Celcius
Waterproofness None
Power Source AC100V 50/60Hz Single Phase (with 2P earth)
The inspection ability refers to when a test piece is loaded on a table surface. The ability may differ according to the measuring object or usage environment.

Freight cost and taxes are not included in the price.

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