Light Reflection Type Saccharimeter


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Light Reflection Type Saccharimeter / Product Number M757D-2010CT series Detail
Product Number M757D-2010CT
  Light Reflection Type Saccharimeter
Product Cord : M757D-2010CT
See below for price.

Figures out the sweetness of fruits within 3 seconds!
With RS-232C output for PCs.

■Our software are adaptable for various fruits (apple, peach, pear, tomato, etc.).
■"Light Reflection Type Saccharimeter" tells you the best maturity stage of fruits. Measures the sugar content of fruits on trees without damaging the fruits. Backed up with the accurate result, you can ship high quality fruits with confidence.
"Light Reflection Type Saccharimeter" affords systematic harvest and high price dealing of the fruits. Increases the value of fruits which producers cherished with care.
"Light Reflection Type Saccharimeter" also benefits the customers. Contributes greatly for activating fruits market.

■Sugar content (BRIX) measured by Light Reflection Type Saccharimeter

■Want to measure sweetness more conveniently… Our saccharimeter is a solution!
Most of the conventional saccharimeters needed long time and workloads for the measurement, and are destructive type that damages the fruits. On the other hand, non-destructive type was usually very large scaled system which needed long time for measurement and price was so high. Further, conventional saccharimeters are unable to measure the sweetness of the fruits on a tree.

Therefore, we have been receiving many requests, including farmers, for developing a meter that can conveniently measure the sugar content without damaging the fruits.

In view of this, we initiated joint research with Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technique Research Center in 1989, and with assistance of Polytechnic College Aomori, we made a prototype in 1996. With investigations (monitoring, questionnaire) for improving the performance and design, we have commercialized in 1999.

■Outstanding feature
Light the sensor to the surface of the fruits and push the switch. The sensor will read out the transitional amount of light component absorbed by sugar content included in the fruits. The sugar content of fruits is calculated and displayed digitally within 3 seconds. A saccharimeter desired for long time.

■New Features
●Addition of software allows measuring various fruits. Apple, peach, pear, mango, etc.
●Fine tuning function for local production areas.
●Handy type! Realized lightweight of 1.2 kg. Portable. Allows uses in outdoors.
●Measures without damaging fruits. Sugar content of fruits on trees can be measured directly.
●Easy operation Just focus the penlight-shaped operator part to the surface of fruits and push the switch. Measurement is done at once!
●Displays digitally within 3 seconds. Sugar content is displayed digitally at once.
●Easy for eyes Uses gentle illumination light of 0.6W. Secures safety of eyes even for long hour operation.
●Reasonable price We offer the price affordable for farmers.

Cord No. M757D-2010CT
Measurement Method Near-infrared spectroscopy analysis method
(Reflective type)
Measurement Target Apple, Cherry, DragonFruit(Pitaya),
Grape (Shine Muscat Grape), Small Watermelon, Mango,
Melon, Peach, Pear, Strawberry, Tomato, Other
Dimensions 240×120×80mm
(excluding fiber part)
Weight 1.2kg
(excluding fiber part)
Measurement Range 5 to 30°BRIX (variable)
Measurement Time Approx. 3 sec.
Charging time 約5時間
Power AC 100V adaptors, Rechargeable battery built-in
Input / Output 入力:AC100V 50/60Hz
出力:DC12V 1.5A
Power Consumption 2.5W (Max.)
Environment Temperature 10 to 30℃
Output for PC RS-232C
*The calibration curve is based on the BRIX sugar content measured with a digital refractive index meter.
*The measuring method is to squeeze a part about 10 mm from the surface of the pericarp and measure the juice.

Product cord Items of measured
M757D-2010CT-Apple Apple
M757D-2010CT-Cherry Cherry
M757D-2010CT-DragonFruit DragonFruit(Pitaya)
M757D-2010CT-Grape Grape*1
(Shine Muscat Grape)
M757D-2010CT-Kodama Small Watermelon
M757D-2010CT-Mango Mango
M757D-2010CT-Melon Melon
M757D-2010CT-Peach Peach
M757D-2010CT-Pear Pear
M757D-2010CT-Strawberry Strawberry
M757D-2010CT-Tomato Tomato
M757D-2010CT-Tomato-Mini Tomato-Mini
M757D-2010CT-Banana Banana
M757D-2010CT-Other Other
*1 Please specify the type of "grape" you want to measure when you make an estimate or order. It may not be possible to measure depending on the type.
*2 Available for citrus group, e.g., mandarin orange. Please contact us.


品番 品名
M757D-2010CT-ADDSOFT Additional Software per one fruits*3
M757D-2010CT-HARDCASE Hard Case
M757D-2010CT-STANDSET Stationary Stand Set
M757D-2010CT-WAISTBAG Waist Bag
M757AD-ADAPTER Power Source Adapters for Overseas
(For Worldwide)
*3 Can install maximum of three additial software (total of four) in one machine.

Freight cost and taxes are not included in the price.

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